Increasing Access and Connectivity

Children’s Health Fund mobile clinics work in remote rural areas and neglected inner cities — places where connecting to the internet can be a challenge. The Samsung Innovation Center at Children’s Health Fund is equipping these “Doctor’s Offices on Wheels” with state-of-the-art technology to provide fast, reliable access to the web.

The Los Angeles and Phoenix projects are now using these high-speed systems, and more are on the way for Austin, West Virginia, DC, Southern Arizona and Chicago.

We’re also installing telehealth equipment on more of the mobile clinics. With the help of special exam tools and a live video connection, a child on the South Florida mobile clinic can be examined by a specialist miles away. This saves time and money and makes it easier for underserved children to get the highest-quality care.

Charting the Future

Health care and technology are both experiencing rapid change. Samsung and Children’s Health Fund are uniquely positioned to understand the current landscape and where future developments will take us. The Samsung Innovation Center at Children’s Health Fund will be the premiere institution in the country working to maximize the impact of technology for underserved children.

Our first white paper explores how technology has transformed access to health care, and what shape that process is likely to take in the future.

Testing and evaluation are key to understanding what works. Working with economists and evaluation experts, we are developing enhanced models to measure the impact of mobile medical clinics and other interventions for disadvantaged children.

Training New Leaders

Children’s Health Fund trains some 700 medical residents each year. Working with several of our Medical Directors representing academic medical centers and training programs across the country, we’re developing a curriculum focused on delivering health care to underserved children, including the use of technology to break down access barriers.

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