Samsung, Children’s Health Fund and Stanford Children’s Health Bring Most Advanced Pediatric Mobile Clinic To Vulnerable Youth on the San Francisco Peninsula

Underserved adolescents from San Francisco to San Jose will be the recipients of the most technologically advanced mobile healthcare following today’s unveiling of a new Children’s Health Fund mobile medical unit. Known as the Teen Health Van, the “doctor’s office on wheels” will feature Samsung’s innovative technology and be operated in partnership with Stanford Children’s Health and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford. Through a generous grant from Samsung, the program will provide advanced mobile health care for uninsured and homeless adolescents and young adults through state-of-the-art technology to serve the unique needs of this vulnerable population. Children’s health has also been a focus of the Samsung Hope for Children initiative since 2002.


State-of-the-Art Mobile Clinic On Its Way to San Francisco

San Francisco

The most advanced mobile pediatric clinic is now under construction thanks to a grant from Samsung to Children’s Health Fund.  The new clinic will incorporate the latest technology to provide increased access to quality health care for children and families in San Francisco.  The new clinic is scheduled to hit the road in September 2015.   You can get a glimpse of it here.

SPOTting vision problems before they become chronic

New Orleans, Baton Rouge, New York and Washington, DC

SPOT™ portable vision screeners offer the promise of catching the early signs of critical eye problems such as nearsightedness and “lazy eye” (amblyopia) before they become a long-term problem. Left untreated, vision problems like these can undermine a child’s success in school and interfere with her ability to socialize and play. Our mobile programs will collect two key types of data using the PediaVision SPOT device. First, they will gather much-needed information on how many disadvantaged children suffer from eye problems like these. Second, they will test the reliability of the SPOT screener.

Connecting patients with faraway services

Southern Arizona and New York

Telehealth allows doctors to examine patients remotely in real time. Using videoconferencing along with special exam tools that transmit data instantly, a specialist at a hospital can interact with a patient miles away – saving time, money, and logistical hassles for both the doctor and the patient. Portable telehealth takes this promise one step further by turning any mobile medical clinic into a telehealth facility. Using portable kits and electronic tablets, doctors working alone on our mobile clinic in remote parts of Southern Arizona will be able to connect to specialists in urgent situations. Our New York mobile clinics will be able to offer specialty appointments without sending patients across the city to our South Bronx location.